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Housing & Equipment

It is important to have a suitable cage and all the equipment you will need to care for your new pet prior to bringing it home.   A good size is approximately 18x18x36 inches.  The taller the cage, the better. Remember, your Sugar Glider is a tree animal.  It likes to climb.  Non toxic climbing branches are a real plus for the cage.  Some types of wood are TOXIC to Sugar Gliders and should not be used.  Following is a list of safe branches you can use in your gliders cage.  Use only untreated, fresh branches.  

Apple, Ash, Beech, Cottonwood, Crab Apple, Dogwood, 'Fresh' (untreated)  Eucalyptus, Elm, Magnolia, Maple, Poplar, Sassafras,  Willow and Manzanita.  For a more extensive list, click here:  

UNSAFE branches:

Almond,  Black Walnut, Cedar,  Cherry, Pine, Fir,  Apricot, Peach, Plum, Prune and Nectarine can release hydrogen cyanide when ingested.  However, the fruit these trees provide is ok for your glider.  For a more extensive list, click here.

When in doubt, do not use until you have confirmed that it is safe.

Several good items to equip the cage with are hanging bird toys such as a swinging ladder or an item that will make them reach out to play with. Tunnels made from 2” PVC pipe offers them exercise and hiding areas.  Hard plastic toys are the best choice.  A running wheel  is good for exercising.:   A Wodent Wheel or mesh wheel are a must in your Gliders cage.   A mirror offers many hours of pleasure for your pet, and small balls are a good source of fun.  From time to time, change out some of the toys to give them variety.  It will seem like a brand new toy when you change it out again.  Even a small plastic cup or plastic spoon will serve as an added treat for your pet.

Sleeping quarters can consist of several different items:  A sleeping pouch made out of fleece, a nesting box will work fine. 

Acceptable bedding for the cage bottom is aspen bedding, or a natural clay kitty litter with no added sanitizer or scent.  'Special Kitty' (blue & red bag only) natural clay available at Wal-Mart is absolutely chemical and fragrance free.  DO NOT USE shredded newspaper or magazines.  Harmful dyes and chemicals are present. Cedar contains volatile compounds that are harmful.

Contrary to popular belief, heat rocks and heat lamps can be harmful to your glider.  They can receive deadly shocks from chewing the wires, and severe burns from the heat source.  It is not recommended to use a blanket to cover the cage as they can get caught in it.  If you are comfortable with the temperature in your home, your glider will be comfortable also.