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Nail Trimming


Nail trimming is an important safety precaution for your glider, as well as for you.

Items needed are anyone of these: Baby Nail Scissors, La Cross Cuticle Trimmers or Suture Scissors, Cornstarch, Styptic Powder or Nitrate Stick, Small Towel or Sleeping Pouch. Morning is the best time to trim nails as they are sleepy. It is easier to trim their nails when they cannot see what you are doing. Gently take one hand/foot out at a time. Do NOT get in a hurry; be gentle and patient. Trim the point of the nail only, being careful not to cut into the quick of the nail (pink vein) that runs through it. If you happen to cut too deep and into the quick, it will bleed. Dip the nail into Cornstarch, Styptic Powder, or use a Nitrate Stick to stop bleeding. The nails on the rear feet need only the outside nail trimmed as the opposable toe has no nail. If you are afraid to trim your gliders nails, ask your veterinarian to trim them for you. There are other things you can use to keep your gliders nails trimmed. The Manicure Manager Premium Nail Trimming Tracks by Glidingroom in your Wodent Wheel. Do not leave this in your gliders cage for more than three days. Check his/her nails to see that they do not get too short as this hampers their ability to climb.