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Do I Need to Buy Two?

Sugar gliders are social animals. They live in groups of six to ten in the wild. A single sugar glider kept as a pet can become lonely and stressed.  Two Sugar Gliders are far more likely to be happy gliders. After additional research, personal experience, and careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that to purchase a single glider is not fair or healthy for the glider.  They love to cuddle while sleeping, and they love to groom each other, as well as play together. Sugar gliders keep each other warm when in cold weather and they can also go into a state called 'torpor or torpid', that is, it's body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure drop for a few days at a time while the glider is in a state of hibernation.   A sugar glider of either sex will make a great pet, both sexes are equally affectionate to their owner.  Our concern is for the health, happiness and welfare of the gliders and we will not compromise it.  If you do not have the funds to purchase two at the same time then you should definitely wait until you can.  If you already have one or more gliders and wish to add to your colony, bring your glider with you and we will be willing to sell you a single glider to round out your colony.  

There is a well written article also researched by a respected breeder to confirm what we have already concluded.  If you would like to read it  click here

To hear sounds the glider makes click here